09 December 2013

Snow Days in Oregon

We returned from our warm weather travels just in time for a snow and cold front in Oregon. In our three years in the Willamette Valley, we can only remember one other significant snow in March 2011. The weather this weekend has definitely topped that.

This was the first time that roads were closed due to poor conditions and accidents. This was the first time Western University cancelled classes due to weather in the Willamette Valley. This weekend was the first time that church was cancelled due to poor road conditions. This was the first time that the OSU Foundation has closed, while I've worked there, due to poor weather. That may be the most unusual event of the weekend!

Scott and I enjoyed a nice, safe, lazy weekend inside our warm apartment. We ate soup and warm, homemade applesauce. We studied for exams, and we looked a pictures from our cruise. I'm starting to wonder if I scheduled our cruise a week or two too early.