23 December 2013

Med School Update: Second Didactic Week

Six rotations down, six more to go! We had two of our student friends come to stay with us again. We love having them, and Scott especially loves laughing at their medical jokes and talking sports with them. He was really looking forward to when he could play basketball with his classmates, but he had a foot injury, so he had to avoid the games.

Even though it seems like basketball or football are the main events, the third years were really in town  for didactic week exams.

The night they arrived they each practiced doing patient interviews on each other covering topics in the areas that they rotated through. Then the first two days the students had a review meeting and patient encounters. The third day their was a meeting with the dean and the students took tests on the rotation areas they just completed. The scores from those exams are recorded on the students record and are viewable by residencies. The last two days of didactic week included planning sessions for the upcoming block of rotations. Scott has two internal medicine rotations and psych coming up next block.

We ended the week with our last annual medical school friends ugly sweater party... complete with an opportunity to give stitches to one of the kids. Goodness! Merry Christmas, friends!