07 August 2013

It Was Time

Oh, it was more than time! For several months I tried to convince myself that I needed long hair - more lying to myself, saying that I would replicate cute up-dos. That didn't happen... not once. When the weather in Oregon started turning hot and the hair went straight into a ponytail on a daily basis, I decided it was time for a cut. I am more than satisfied with the results! This cut really isn't a new style for me, just a classic standard.

Each week I'm reminded that I need to blog and share what's going on in our lives, but each week I struggle thinking about what is "new." Monotony is my life right now, and it's comfortable. Scott is doing his rotations nearby. Working by day, soaking up my honey time by night. HIS evenings are spent reading up about pediatrics. Do I dare say that we have also multi-tasked our time geeking out in a hobbit sim-city game? Yeah. I'm an elf. Feel free to call me names.

When I'm not a fantasy nerd, my nose is stuck in a book. I've read eight books this summer and am on my ninth. I miss my casual reading time when school is in session! This summer has been prime for a catch up. Oh, I take reading requests. Only a few weeks remaining before my classes begin again in the fall. Two classes per term this year, in attempt to close this deal.

Nothing much "new" in these-here-parts. If something exciting happens, I'll take a picture and send it your way. Scott's usually good for a post update now and then!