24 April 2013

Chobani Champions Tubes

I haven't been the best blogger lately. The purpose of my blog has always been to keep family and friends updated on my life. This is especially important as we are in medical school and have limited contact with everyone as we keep busy. On top of our busy-ness, I haven't been passionate enough about anything lately to blog about it.

In an attempt to regain the love (and frequency) of blogging, I am here to tell you about the Chobani booth. Last week I had the privilege of going with my parents to Florida. My mom called me up sometime last year to invite me to travel with her and my dad to a pediatric nurse practitioners conference. The conference is always at a nice hotel in a fun city, but this year the offer of Florida during the rainiest season in Oregon was beyond tempting. I readily agreed and arranged to take a week off of work and leave my studious husband to live the bachelor life for eight days.

There weren't a lot of events in the conference that I was welcomed to as a guest of a participant (keynote speaker, main stage presentations, etc.), so my dad and I spent most of our time by the pool.

I'm not complaining. It was heavenly. If you are a lazy river connoisseur like myself, please note that the Hilton Orlando has a lazy river complete with many hidden water cannons. A sudden blast of cold water can be shocking and I guess slightly refreshing when you are trying to be lazy on a tube.

Arguably the best part of the conference for me, though, was the vendor booths. Pediatric conferences have to have the best vendor booths for women - free Johnson & Johnson samples, swag bags with family friendly giveaways, and healthy food samples. Enter the Chobani booth!

Chobani only recently released a new product - Champions Greek yogurt tubes. Sure, they are marketed for kids, but these are the best four flavors of amazing goodness yogurt I have ever eaten (insert shout out here to "Chillin' Cherry"). On top of a bucket full of ice cold free yogurt tubes, Chobani had available booklets of Cobani coupons. And when I say booklets, I mean 50 coupons for $1 off one box. Perfection! Of course, Safeway in Oregon would be having a sale the week I was gone for $2.00/box.

Let's just say that I visited that booth almost every day during the conference, and Scott is now planning on a year's supply of the best yogurt tubes available in our refrigerator.