25 January 2013

Baby Showers for Morgan

So it's probably time I should post about the baby showers we put together for Morgan at work and with our med school friends! I am not the best party planner, especially when it comes to decorations, but sometimes I have good ideas.

The OSU Foundation baby shower was such a success! Lucky for me no one knew the memory candy game that Maura put together for Twinner's baby shower years ago. They thought I was so clever for matching the candy bars to baby words like epidural=LifeSavers. I love when I can pretend to be brilliant! We also played a game matching celebrities with their baby's name. I was uber stunned when two of our lovely coworkers scored 100%. The celebrity baby I could match before researching the game was Suri!

For Morgan's med-friend shower I was lucky to have the help of our friend Amanda and Morgan's husband Chase. Amanda took care of the food, Chase white gloved their home to make way for the party and baby, we doubled up on some decorations from work, and my only responsibility was games! We played Name That Tune with only songs with "Baby" in the title and a Balderdash kind of game with baby pictures. Morgan was already having contractions by the time we hosted the med-friend party! We're just so glad that little Colt arrived yesterday, and not before the showers!