31 October 2012

Halloween Chili Winner

This lovely bowl of goodness brought me a big win at our church harvest festival this last weekend. The harvest festival included a chili cookoff, pie bake-off, Halloween carnival, and Trunk-or-treating. The Young Women in our ward helped with some of the Halloween games, including a blindfolded touch test of "eyeballs" and "intestines." When we asked the kiddos what it felt like they would say things like, "cold" and "sphegetti." They have well established fine motor skills. When the Young Women asked Scott if he would like to test the "intestines" and "eyeballs" he informed them that he had felt real human intestines and eyeballs. That turned the trick on them! They were looking a little squeamish after that.

Anyway, I am a proud winner of a cardstock certificate that reads "Best White Bean Chili." This recipe is really so good that I only ate my own chili out of the 20 options that were available. I wonder if they judged based on whose crockpot was empty? If that's the case I may need to go confess.

To be posted: our family portrait taken at the harvest festival.