12 September 2012

Youth Temple Trip

Right before Scott came back from Europe, the youth in my ward had a "Super Activity" where the group went to Medford for a temple trip and white water rafting the next day. Since my parents are in the Medford area and I would be home alone anyway, I opted to go with the youth to the temple and opted out of the white water rafting. As I explained to one of the 12 year-old beehive girls, "I'm more of a lazy river sort of girl."

Our little Lebanon ward is actually in the Portland temple district, so we typically take the youth there to do baptisms for the dead. It was fun to take the group to Medford, where it is a smaller temple with fewer volunteers and more responsibility in serving. We have such a great group of young men and women, and it was fun to be a part of their spiritual experiences that night.