24 May 2012

Yr 1 Perspective of a Med School Wife: Amanda

Q: Give us a little background of your family, your education/work, and where you came from before moving to Lebanon.

A: We are the Bedfords! We got married in 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before medical school, we both had awesome jobs. We worked on a Air Force base for 4 years in Las Vegas. Kevin did construction, and I was a secretary. We both really enjoyed it! I am from Arizona and Kevin grew up in Vegas. We have one little girl Jordin who is 2.

Q: What are your responsibilities while your husband is at school?

A: While Kevin is at school I chase Jordin (my little girl) and I babysit a little boy and that keeps me busy.

Q: What resources did you find in the community that are supportive to you and your family?

A: The resources we found that are supportive is our church and each other (the wives). Everyone in the community is very well aware of the students. Anytime I say my husband is going to the medical school they are so nice and make me feel so welcomed.

Q: What did you find was the best way to support your husband while he was studying this first year?

A: So far the first year is already blurry and its not over yet but... The best way I supported Kevin was making sure he knew that we were OK being alone a lot and letting him know that it was OK. Communication is a big thing for us. As long as there is communication we are great. But I think the first semester was the worst, I never ever saw him. But second semester he has actually been home a lot more and its been really nice. When Kevin gets burned out and I"m stressed we watch movies together.

Q: Do you feel connected with other signicant others of students, and have you found good friends?

A: I have made some of the best friends I will ever have here. I love the wives. We are all going through the same thing, so its easy to get along (at least for me).

Q: Any advice you would give to new medical student wives?

A: The only advice I can give is support your husband/wife in school no matter what. Don't make them feel worse about not being home a lot because they already feel bad. Love them and let them know you love them.