23 November 2011

Giving Thanks

This week I am grateful for all of our many, many, many blessings, including, but not limited to:

- The person inspired to implement paid time off
- Google's turkey doodler during the slow moments of my half work day
- Cool rain instead of freezing hail or frost
- Adorable rain boots at Target
- Parents who live closer than an airplane ride
- The 90% score Scott got on his most recent med school test
- The fact that I haven't hit a biker with my car yet in Corvallis
- The turkey dinner church gave us because they equate our student status with poor
- A cooperative liver
- 30 Rock is coming back in January
- Turkey bowl football games that suddenly organize whereever my husband visits
- Wonderful friends and family who have sent us their love, support, and cotton candy

We're off to help my parents move into their new home in Medford - setting up the Christmas tree and finding a fun restaurant for our Thanksgiving feast. Maybe we'll throw in a little Black Friday shopping as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!