16 November 2011

Decorating a Cubicle

When I moved cubicles this last summer, I was so excited! I hadn't decorated my old cubicle up until the move, because I knew I would only be working in that space for a couple of weeks before moving. My new cubicle is in an excellent location at the front of the building, below all the big windows. There is so much natural light and heat! It's lovely!

My cubicle is also directly across from some of the OSU archive photos hanging in the Foundation. It made my space feel a little more cozy, knowing that Scott's cousin, Josh, is nearby.

I'm positive the young scholar in the middle is a Chandler ancestor, because I can just imagine Josh standing there laughing at Benny the Beaver try to breakdance.

Also nearby, is Matt Damon from Goodwill Hunting.

How 'bout them apples? No... not really. It's a photo of an OSU student learning Russian. But I'm thinking that student would have had a great career in film back in the 1950's.

Decorating a large grey box can be so challenging! I wanted it to be personal, but I'd also walked around the office enough to know what I liked and what I didn't like. I wanted more color and I wanted consistency. Granted, I'm not finished. There are still so many missing pieces and more grey that I'd like visable. I'm getting closer, though.

I'm trying to become enthused about all things Beaver, so I used oranges, yellows, and whites. A true Beaver would tell you I shouldn't be involving any yellow, since that's a duck color. I had this fabulous mustard yellow vase, though, that worked better in my cube than it did at home. I'm also a fan of the recent grey/yellow combo.

To help my Beaver fever, I made this collage from extra Oregon Stater magazine photos hanging around the office.

I've had many comments on my excellent collage-skills, but I think it has more to do with how much they like orange and black.

I also made a few of these paper stars that I saw on a party blog.
Brown Paper Bag Star Tutorial

You can't really tell from the picture below, but I made the stars using small white and medium orange paper bags. I may need to add more as well.

This picture gives a good demonstration of my attempt to decorate and still lack of substance. The stars take up the whole left wall. My desk wall has hanging clipboards and important information. I'm missing some critical elements, though - #1 a plant! SO necessary for any office space. Also, you see that big blank, grey space above the extra chair. I'm needing something there (a cuter chair would be a start). I was thinking an empty painted window or picture frame. Any ideas? I'm also missing personal photos. I have one picture (not visable in the picture above) of the future Dr. Chandler above my computer. More needed!

Honestly, I'm the last person you would want to ask about design ideas, but I'm pretty proud of how I was able to see what worked in a cubicle and implement elements that work.