14 September 2011

Touchdown, Scott Chandler!

If there has ever been one thing my husband has wanted me to blog about, it is the two touchdown passes "he" received this last Sunday.

He tried, without adequate words, to describe the joy of hearing his name announced on national television as having successfully completed two touchdowns. His smile would not stop!

His favorite lines that night as he talked with family:

"I have a secret to admit... I'm not really in med school. I've been playing with the NFL for a couple of years, and I just couldn't keep it silent any more."

"I was on fire tonight!"

"Do you think my friends from high school will think I made it in the NFL?"

"Another touchdown by Scott Chandler!"

Scott is the proud owner of Scott Chandler's college card because his good friend, Doug, once gifted it to him. Unfortunately, Scott was not fast enough to pick "himself" up in Fantasy football after this week's scores. His uncle commented after the trade, "I know that you will serve me well."