24 June 2011

Lebanon Public Library

Picture taken by me June 2011

Lebanon's Public Library quickly became one of Scott's favorite places in Lebanon. Western University has it's own reference shelf there with all sorts of biology and chemistry books. Our first few weeks here as Scott prepared for his intensive summer anatomy course, we visited the library DAILY! Scott would spend his time reading the reference books (and said it was "fun") and I would peruse the library's collection of novels, cookbooks, magazines, and videos. Conveniently the library is located two blocks from the medical school. So Scott can come study here any time he wants.

Can you tell that Scott was concerned at my taking pictures inside the library? It wasn't like I was talking loudly on my cell phone! I had to show you what a beautiful interior the library has to match it's serene exterior. The library building is rather new, though I forgot to check the plaque outside to see the dedication date. It has beautiful stained glass windows above, giving plenty of natural light. Then there is a lovely fireplace area with leather chairs for relaxing while you read magazines.

The library also has a space for it's many newspaper subscriptions and a bin where the library discards all the advertisements. You know what that means, ladies! I limit myself to one set of newspaper coupons, out of courtesy. I know that others are using this resource as well because when we've visited the library at the end of the week I noticed that all the other sets of coupons were gone.

I have a good feeling that the library will be a frequent destination of ours, especially when the weather takes a turn for the worse.