02 May 2011

SMF Ad Space

On our way home from Maui, Martie and Curtis had quite the adventure which involved transfering to our flight, but in first class.

Yes I really did document their First Class smirks! I'll let them tell you the whole story in person, but the moral of that story is "Don't fly American Airlines." Hawaiian Airlines rocked our socks off, even in coach. They served the best spinach fritata that Scott and I had ever eaten, and that was their complimentary meal!

We all arrived at the Sacramento airport (SMF) at the same time, and though Scott and I like to travel carry-on, we all waited for Chandler luggage to spin out on the conveyor belt. As, I waited, and woke up more from the long flight, I saw how genius the SMF airport was to bring in more revenue through ad space!

In the baggage claim area, there were hanging pendant ads and conveyor belt ads. Of course, as a marketing major, I just have to commend the person who, probably while waiting for their luggage, had this inspiration -  "Hmm... where can I find blank space that thousands of people will stare at for long, waiting periods of time? Oh, of course! Baggage claim!"


These ads were for a local casino resort. I can guarantee you that every person waiting to pick up bags that day read those ads as they circled their way around with no luggage on them. Do you also see the amazing art pillar of vintage luggage? Beautiful!