06 May 2011

Move to Lebanon Scheduled

While we were in Maui, we finalized a rental agreement in Lebanon, Oregon where Scott will be enrolled in medical school. The apartment complex, Cascade Ridge, is one of the newest complexes in Lebanon and is located across the street from Western University's campus.

Picture of Western University COMP NW campus, in final construction phase

I definitely planned that on purpose! The med school advice that Scott and I have heard so far suggests that during the first two years of school I wont get to see Scott much due to studying habits. So to encourage as much time as possible with my husband, we chose Cascade Ridge.

We haven't seen the apartment yet, but we have been ensured that after the current occupants move out the apartment will be white glove cleaned and brought back to model apartment quality (if bringing back is needed). I'm a little nervous since the campus is new and housing has yet to be defined and reviewed, but I have had some relief in seeing pictures, floor plans, and complex ammenities. Plus you can't beat the location! If we decide after a year that we'd rather live nearer church friends or in a complex with a basketball court (Scott's suggestion), then we can always move.

We can move in anywhere from May 13- 23. As luck, or divine intervention, would have it, seminary (Scott is a teacher) ends May 13. Graduation for seniors is Sunday, May 15, after which we will no longer have any pressing obligations (besides family requests) to stay. Moving day is currently scheduled for May 17, which also happens to be the first public touring day of the campus!

I am anxious to leave and set up my own house again! The Chandler's have been so nice to let us stay in their house and we really haven't ever been uncomfortable here! But my own kitchen and my own laundry are calling me! I'm excited to decorate and investigate our new town. No good news yet on jobs for me, but I would guess that search will be easier when in Oregon. We will keep you updated!