20 April 2011

Sunset in Maui

Taken from our condo in Kaanapali

We have returned from paradise! Curtis, Martie, Scott, and I were in Maui the last 10 days, and we are back with tans! The weather was lovely! Eighty degrees plus most days, with cool breezy lanais and barely a sprinkle of rain the whole week. I discovered that the only way for me to get any color without burning is to use 50 SPF. It sounds insane, or for infants, I know! But it works on my fair skin, and with only one application per outing. Granted, I don't have a full-fledged Portuguese tan becuase I lack my mother's olive skin. But I didn't get burned, and that is an accomplishment!

I have plenty of Hawaii stories to blog and spur jealous comments. As I am catching up on homework, med school moving plans, and possible internship (yes?), I will be posting these funny stories throughout the coming week! (I'm also not-so-secretly prolonging these stories as I have felt a lack of good blogging stories/pictures lately and Hawaii totally makes up for that!) Something to look forward to!