01 April 2011

Quest for Long Hair

Though many of you may be in the know (and most of you that are have expressed your dissappointment) at my intent to grow out my hair just a tad, this post is actually not about me and my lovely locks.

I can truthfully say that as long as I have known Scott he has wanted long boy hair. I say boy hair, because Scott doesn't want Fabio hair, he wants Justin Bieber hair (before the recent cut). Scott's source of inspiration - his brother Steve!

When Scott and I were first dating, his family went on a trip to Hawaii. When Scott arrived he saw Steve with Samson-like locks that provided Steve with super-human powers, like body surfing skills and hair flicking skills. At the time, Scott was attending BYU and had no chance to grow his locks of love longer than the tops of his ears.

Since then Scott has fantasized about the day when he'll put on a beanie or a bike helmet and the curls of his hair do will curl up around the hat! Every time we watch an NBA basketball game he has to comment about how he wishes his hair was like Steve Nash (which I think would be NASTY!), swishing to and fro as he runs up the basketball court. And every time we watch the Kartchner boys, Scott mentions how Jackson has the best hair!

A few months ago Scott's Dad announced that Allstate would be sending him to Hawaii in April. Scott and I, knowing that medical school will give us very few chances to go to Hawaii again in the near future, decided that we are going to tag along! We are STOKED! Scott, maybe more than me, because he's decided that this is his real chance to sport the super-human curls and out-do (pun intended) his brother Steve.

So the hair growing began...

And sometimes I catch Scott using his free time to look at sites like CoolHair.com, or google "long hair" and then "medium hair" because Fabio turned up in the first search.

These two head shots were his most recent favorites:

I periodically insist that all men who have long hair keep it looking clean by visiting the barber to trim it up. Scott periodically insists that these sorts of things are not blog worthy. In any case, I'm not sure if Scott will ever be able to have the look he wants, but he's sure trying hard to be close to it by the time we leave for Hawaii in two weeks!