23 February 2011

Spring Hiatus

If you have a blog reader, like me, you probably didn't even notice that I haven't posted in a week. I love that about having a blog newsletter. No need to update when there's nothing to say or I'm off having too much fun. Lately I've been enjoying that fact that Scott and I have a perfectly flexible life (until med school begins this summer). I'm working on school, taking fun trips, helping out in the Allstate office, and just enjoying Spring.

That's right! It's SPRING in California.

This picture was taken from my car window on the way to work last week. (Don't worry I'm a really safe driver-photographer) April showers... in February?! And do you see those lovely pink tree blossoms? Gotta love California! We've had the most comfortable weather. Some days ridiculously warm (like 70 degrees) and some days rainy and overcast, but that means more green and more color!

This last weekend we decided to go south to see if it Visalia was any warmer than Sacramento (and of course, Scott needed to offer his services as a guest basketball star in his brother's stake bball tourney). While in Visalia, we played with Addyson and Ella, receive our fair share of vitamin C in the form of freshly squeezed orange juice, and discovered a new favorite store. I am just in love with World Market right now! I could spend hours there!

The girls were a crack up! Addyson acts and talks like she's a teenager. I was watching her take self portraits on the family Mac using Photobooth. She would pose with Peace sign fingers, and say "Peace out." Then Scott asked if I could rub out some stress in his lower back. Addyson was a little perturbed that I wasn't paying as much attention to her poses.

Addyson: Aunt Katie, look at this (pointing to the computer screen).
Me: I'll be right there I just need to rub Uncle Scott's back a little.
Addyson: He can rub his OWN back!

After we were done laughing, she tried demonstrating how Scott could rub his own back in the future, by twisting his arm behind himself and pounding out the stress.

And of course, Ella is a doll. She is standing on her own now, not quite walking, and she makes this funny laugh when she thinks she's being funny or mischievous.

So now you know where I've been. We're planning a very fun trip to Utah in March to visit friends and most especially celebrate my bestie's baby turning ONE! Can't believe how fast time flies! Crew is having a Hungry Caterpillar party, and Maura let me help with some of the party design.

Blog posts may be irregular, but know that we are having a blast and will post results soon after!