04 January 2011

Cavanaugh New Years Bash - Part 1

I was lucky enough this year to spend Christmas with all the Chandler family and New Years with my family. Last Christmas Scott and I flew up to Alaska to have a Cavanaugh Christmas at my parents house with all of the siblings. This year, my parents flew down to spend the holidays in "the lower 48."

My parent's first stop was to visit Sam in Sedona, AZ for Christmas. Sam has been on tour for the last few months with Decker, a band based out of Sedona, in which Sam is the percussionist, drummer, trumpet, and some. I love to tell people that my younger brother, the musician, is on tour! Brandon Decker (band leader) set up the West Coast tour, including stops at local clubs and coffee shops in California, Oregon, and Colorado right before Christmas. They also had gigs in Arizona while my parents were visiting.

My parents said that Sam played amazingly, and that he really has a talent with the guitar. They mentioned that this original song of Sam's, Taps II, was one of their favorites. My mom said that no matter the venue, whether it be club or bar full of drunken sailors, EVERYONE stopped to listen to this song. She said that people would take out their phones and get up close to take video of Sam's fingers.

Yeah! I'm pretty proud of my brothers.

Sadly, Sam had to continue his Decker tour (not sad) and couldn't join my parents on the drive to Burbank (that would be the sad part) where my older brother, Matt, lives with his family. But we decided we would drive down to Burbank anyways, and spend some New Years fun with what Cavanaugh's were there!