24 November 2010


 I like to steal Amy's phone pictures! Kaden said he was the Indian and Scott was the turkey, which is just so true!

Nephews are funny! This is not to say that I don't LOVE my nieces on both sides of the family. I DO! In fact, I need to spend more time with them. They are so adorable and polite! And nephews are different breed! As I've had some time to spend close to Amy's sons lately, I've noticed how funny little boys really are!

Here are just a few things I have laughed about lately with Kaden, Sterling, and Jackson:

-The other day I was bringing one of the boys home from school and he was in a very talkative mood. I didn't need to ask many questions, or even add much to the conversation. He just went on and on, happily, about the individual powers of the characters on Star Wars. Specifically we are talking about Star Wars lego game on the Wii. "3PO's okay, but he can only open doors. That's it! R2D2 can open doors and fly the star ship." Yeah... I really don't remember the specifics.

- At dinner, the boys were sitting around the table asking each other "Would you rather" type questions. I asked Amy if she had ever played this with them before, and she said she has no idea how they could have learned it. These were the options... "Would you want to fall off a tree into the road where a car was driving, or swing from a vine and land on a monkey?" They would giggle at first, and then in very serious tones, go around the table and answer. Next one, "Would you want to sit in a dark room with Sterling for a long time, or eat the rest of your dinner?"

-Jackson just learned the phrase, "I don't like that." He's been saying the phrase ALL THE TIME now.

Amy: Jackson, d'you want to go home?
Jackson: I don't like to go home.

Big Curt: Jackson do you like the orange potatoes? (orange is his favorite color)
Jackson: I don't LIKE orange potatoes! (Sweet potatoes are NOT his favorite! That one had much more emphasis and some tongue sticking outage with the potatoes still attached.)

Then we tried tricking him... thinking he didn't know the difference between I like and I don't like.

Me: Jackson do you like cookies?
Jackson: I LIKE some cookies!!!

Didn't work. He wanted to eat cookies for dinner instead.