22 November 2010

It's So Time to Start Sewing

I was going through my Google reader this weekend and found this amazing gem of a site - New Dress a Day! As usual I find these gems way too late! Yet I am STILL so impressed and inspired! This post is one of my favorites, but there are so many to choose from. I feel like Marisa Lynch, the designer/seamstress, creates fashion way out of my league, especially since my sewing skills ended back with 1990s simple square baby quilts for charity. What charity project was that, Mom?

None-the-less I recently was giving a new church calling or Relief Society Activities Committee Assistant Leader... I know it's a ridiculously long title. In my first conversation with the newly called activities committee leader, she mentioned that the Relief Society is being encouraged to go back to the basics with activities because our sisters don't know how to sew or can. So I have new-found inspiration, motivation, spare time, and I know the perfect tutor. Word has it that a certain mother-in-law was once the costumer for BYU's Young Ambassador group and infamously sewed children's Halloween costumes, like, oh let's say, a Watermelon.

Check out the designer/seamstress behind New Dress A Day on the Early Show:

With a $1 price tag, I feel like my only barrier is design. But I have three awesome sisters-in-law in California and tons of fashion inspiration to help me with that part! If I can learn the skills, then maybe I can start with something like this remade from thrifty material. Christmas Craft, Chandlers?