07 September 2010

Water Coins and California Girls

On our last day of vacation, we went to Granite Bay/Folsom Lake with the Kartchners and the Danielsons. Even though the weather had been upwards of 110 degrees all week long, Saturday was an overcast windy day. We still braved the weather (with sweaters and towels for warmth, of course) to do a little jet skiing.

When we arrived at Folsom Lake, there were quite a few Kite Surfers making use of the blustery day. Have you seen these before?

I hadn't! It was the most amazing thing to see these men using the wind to fly across the lake, and even more amazing when the wind would pick them up and they would get some SWEET air!

By mid-afternoon, the sun had come out again and I agreed to get out of my toasty seat to jet ski with Scott, who had been on the water all day regardless of the weather! The kids sat on the beach with their sand toys, digging for "gold." The sand was FULL of shiny granite "coins." So the Kartchner boys and Danielson girls made a sand fortress to protect their loot.

During construction of said fort, the truck/trailer that was parked next to us with music blaring starting playing a song the girls recognized. The girls quickly gave the boys "the hand," demanding silence. "Stop, stop stop!... I hear... California Girls." This is when the shimmying and lipsynching started. Adorable!

Scott downloaded the song onto his iPod when we got back to Utah. He said it was for if we ever have any little girls.