02 September 2010

Mad Scientist

I really should leave this vacation story for Amy to tell, but I have all the pictures. So... Sorry!

While we were in Sacramento, Martie (my marvelous mother-in-law) purchased a make-your-own Volcano kit for Scott's oldest nephew, Kaden. Kaden was so excited to make the volcano, and Uncle Scott volunteered to help. Little did we know that possibly Scott was way more excited.

The kit included the plastic volcano base with hose for volcano spewage, sand concrete stuff for the volcano form, and bubbly powder to add extra excitement to the blow. Oh! I can't forget. The kit also came with a pair of mini lab goggles that looked like they could only fit a toddler. But somehow Kaden was able to fit them on his head, and he was very adamant that goggles should be worn at all times during volcano construction. So when there wasn't an extra pair of goggles for Uncle Scott, we conveniently found him a matching pair... for protection of course. Lava can be a dangerous thing!

Once the goggles were securly in place, Kaden took out the volcano step by step guide.

Step 1: Mix the sand/concrete with 260 CCs of water and mix.

Scott: Ooh! 260 CCs? Too bad the kit only gave us a 140 CC cup!
Kaden: It's okay! You can just fill up the cup twice to 100 CCs and then once again to 60 CCs.

Um, yeah! Kaden is kind of a genius.

Step 2: Form the base of the volcano.

Step 3: Let the base dry, being sure to stick in the tube for accurate lava blasting. Paint if desired with magma-like colors, trees to be destroyed, and a snow-capped top? (Scott was the painter, as this part didn't interest Kaden much)

Step 4: Let 'er RIP! (Watch Scott's reaction vs. Kaden's)

Step 4: Mad Scientist continues to squirt out sulfur smelling bubbly liquid as child completely looses interest and runs away.