02 June 2010

Why’d the Chicken Cross the Road?

I don’t know, but he definitely didn’t make it to the other side.

On my way up to Anne’s wedding reception in Roy on Saturday, I got a little lost. I had put the address into the GPS we have, but I accidentally pushed S 4500 W instead of W 4500 S for the street location. So I ended up on the opposite side of town from where I wanted to be. I corrected the GPS address when I discovered that there were no reception centers in the middle of farm land.

In correcting my course, I ended up on a road similar to Orem’s state street, a long straight busy street with strip malls and construction. As I was nearing the left turn for the reception center a chicken, that looked so similar to a rubber chicken that I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t actually a different species, came running out of nowhere. He ran really quickly in a bee line between orange caution cones and straight in front of my car. For a moment I panicked! Can’t swerve to the right, because I don’t want to cause an accident with other cars. Can’t pause to miss the bird… he’s a quick little bugger.

Bam! Feathers everywhere. It was definitely a hit and run. There are still feathers attached to the front lights on my car. I haven’t wanted to pull them off without proper hand protection. Gross! I’m sure the chicken didn’t survive, yet I didn’t see the bird come out the back when I immediately checked my rearview mirror. I was a little concerned by that, but Papa Bukey said that if on the drive back to Provo I started to smell fried chicken, I would know where the bird had ended up.