09 June 2010

Finding Your Personal Mission

A couple weeks ago we had an amazing BYU devotional titled "What Is Your Calling in Life?" When I say amazing, I mean totally blog worthy, wish I had heard this when I was in college, still need to hear it, recommended the video be posted on the BYU University Career Service website once it's released. AMAZING! The speech was given by Jeffery Thompson, a faculty member in the Public Administration program of the Marriott School. His outline for how to find your calling in life is well organized and dead on. He also addresses the myths around having a life calling. For those of you looking to find your next job, your major at school, or your career you should read/listen to this talk. Currently it's available on MP3 for free by visiting the BYU Speeches website. They will likely release a free PDF and video eventually. If they do I will be sure to embed it in this post.

Jeffrey Thompson picture from BYU News Release

Another GRRRReat article that I have found helpful, if this subject is on your mind, is "Personal Ministry" by Bonnie D. Parkin. It was featured in BYU Magazine, which luckily my student ward Relief Society President received in the summer of 2007 and read in our presidency meeting. Love it!

Then of course there is this article in June's edition of the Ensign, if you haven't already read it.

Let me know if you'd like some hook ups with Career Services. You have to take advantage of it while I'm still here!

P.S. Audio and transcript are available for this talk, here. Still waiting on the video.