03 June 2010

Eavesdropping at CBC

If you ever wanted to peek in on the world of semi-pro bloggers, this is your chance. Here is a list of Jandee's and my favorite quotes from last weekend's Casual Bloggers Conference:

From a presenter who described how she knew she wanted to start a serious blog - "I made myself the authority."

"I keep Target (the store) and my faith on the same level."

"My readers are like my fourth child. I love you guys!"

Panelist - "I have a transracial family."
Jandee - "Did she just say TRANS racial?"

"I'm so excited for this next speaker because we all want to learn more about monotonizing our blogs," one moderator said referring to monetizing.

This is a replica of a sign we saw outside one workshop room where one attendee apparently wanted to add a comment: