11 June 2009

SYTYCD Has Begun!

It is summer and that means So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 is on! Wednesday and Thursday nights of dance has become a summer tradition since season 2 for me. And Season 5 has now started my favorite part, the actual dancing and judging.

I mean, I like watching the initial auditions and Vegas week is interesting, but watching bad dancing makes me squirm. I'm also not a fan of watching American Idol auditions, because I despise watching people make fools of themselves, especially when they don't realize that they are! I just feel awful for them, when someone tells them that they are horrible, because their mommies and daddies have been telling them for years that their singing or dancing lights up their world.

In any case, SYTYCD started off in full-swing last night. There was really not a bad dance, and I pitty the judges who now have to make a difficult decision of sending two people home who really haven't had a chance to prove themselves yet or did an amazing job last night. I am glad though that these initial decisions are made by the judges and not by votes. Nigel may be pompous, but he knows good dancing and what makes for good TV (though, why he keeps Mary Murphy on as a full-time judge boggles my mind).

There were many favorites in last night's episode. Napoleon and Tabitha also choreograph brillant story lines. That may have been the best Wade Robson dance I've EVER seen last night, with the crash test dummies. But my new favorite couple this year, based on auditions and this first episode, is Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak.

I have a feeling that they will deliver on dances of all styles and that I will grow to love their chemistry as much as Benji and Donyelle of yester year.

This is going to be a great season! I LOVE summer!