25 March 2009

A Loving Family, Ready to Adopt

A now for a brief interuption between procrastinated stories to share a word from our sponsors...

Actually Sara and Steve Chandler are not our sponsors. They're our relatives, and they have just been approved for adoption!! They've been working through LDS Family Services to finish paperwork for months, and now they are waiting for someone to bless them with a baby.

Sara and Steve have one beautiful girl, Addyson, who doctor's have called a medical miracle as the couple has recently discovered that they can no longer expect to have more children of their own. But why am I telling their story?! They've already written it out so beautifully on their It's About Love profile!

Seriously, I opened up the profile this morning at work when Sara emailed, and I about burst into tears. WARNING: Have tissues handy!

If you or anyone you know is looking to place their unborn child up for adoption, you could not find a family with more love for one another nor more adequate preparation to receive a new child in their home.