07 August 2008

Our SYTYCD Winner!

No, I do not have the inside track on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance winner... merely a strong opinion. Scott and I have watched every episode of the 2008 season of this, my most favorite ever, summer show. (Surprised to know my husband loves dance shows? So was I!) We made sure to watch the first couple episodes before our wedding, we watched the show during our honeymoon week, and we've always caught up with shows online or with TiVo when we had other Wednesday/Thursday evening obligations.

I've known since the tryouts and choosing of the Top 20 that I enjoyed the male dancers this season much more than the females (a rare statement for the show). The guys have personality in their dancing, and they are enjoyable to watch. Will has genius skill! Mark has quirky personality and dance moves. I can't keep my eyes off Twitch's solos. When Joshua Allen threw a ballet move in his Vegas audition, I knew he was someone to watch.

Over the season I have grown to love the dancers more for their particularly well performed numbers, even the girls. Katee is lucky she is so good, because Scott and I were not so impressed by her Vegas stunt, but started forgiving her after the No Air routine. Chelsie and Mark had such fun personalities together and really brought each other along on the SYTYCD journey as far as they could go. My all time favorite dance of this season is still their Tabitha and Napoleon routine to Bleeding Love.

The final four dancer group is not comprised of all the dancers Scott and I would have chosen as our favorites. However, it does include the dancer we felt would win ALL ALONG. We want to state now, before results are tabulated, that we vote the So You Think You Can Dance winner to be...

Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen Top 4 Solo

Either that or crown Tabitha and Napoleon the winners of this years season, because they are a fantastic addition!

No really, we felt that Joshua's solo last night and dances were typical of his excellence and fun personality.

When he lost his shoe last night... priceless! I chuckle every time I watch it on YouTube.

4 real!