05 May 2008

My 1st Apartment

Scott and I have been setting up OUR 1st Married Apartment! The search for this fabulous abode was a little rocky and required exhaustive research, but it was well worth the effort!

If you haven't before heard of Craigslist, then here is our bzz: Scott and I have become expert Craigslist searchers. To prove it, the fruit of our works includes an affordable two-bedroom spacey apartment in Springville, UT with washer and dryer included; a sofa bed and loveseat; AND a king-size mattress, box, and frame in very good condition for $75 (bed set was $75, not the whole apartment).

Searching for an apartment in Provo was quite a difficult task. You wouldn't (or if you know Utah Valley maybe you would...) believe how many couples get married in the spring and want to arrange for their Provo apartment in March. Our first real-estate attempts were to start a new contract with a married apartment complex. There were options, but only one that we actually thought appealing. That became the back-up plan. Our next step was to search for contracts being sold, either on the BYU vacancy listings or through craigslist. It seemed like every time we arranged to look at apartment, the contract was sold before our viewing appointment. Then, when we actually were able to walk through an apartment, the contract was sold while we were deliberating.

Finally, Scott and I just decided: if we like how the apartment looks on paper/on pixels, and we feel good about the apartment and neighborhood when we visit, then we will make an offer immediately. So that's what we did. We found a great apartment in north Springville, for a very reasonable price, it was cleaner and roomier than all the apartments we had seen in Provo, and it included a washer and dryer. We told them we would bring by a check in the morning (Blessing #1).

I was able to start moving in my belongings during the last week in April (Scott doesn't move into the apartment until after we're married). The DAY the apartment became available, we found the sofa bed and loveseat for a very good deal from a BYU student couple who was moving to Georgetown for med school (Blessing #2). We moved the couches over that evening. This meant that I would have SOMETHING to sit on or even sleep on if needed. I didn't have to be out of my previous apartment until May 1, so I slept there and moved out my lesser-used belongings, one Toyota Matrix load at a time.

Then, on May 1st, after packing all of my final possessions into my car, with the intent to sleep on top of our lovely couch (covered with a fantastic suede couch cover from Bed Bath and Beyond as a gift from my parents); miracle of all miracles with this apartment so far, Scott found our new "guest bed"(Blessing #3). The king bed is incredibly comfy to sleep on, so if you're ever in the neighborhood and need a place to stay, OUR new married apartment might be most comfortable choice.

We also were able to buy an end table, kitchen table, and matching chairs at IKEA, thanks to the help of "Big Curt." The table has two leaves hidden underneath the square top. We think this is pretty special, because it means we can leave the table a square when dining for two, and reveal the leaves when we have a party.

Check out the pictures of our bare apartment... fun accessories to come after everyone contributes to the "Scott and Katie are a cute couple and need a cute apartment Fund." We're working on shortening the fund title.

Suede couches in our living room    +    The IKEA table and matching chairs that Scott assembled

Our kitchen with green stove    +      Scott having so much fun putting together the IKEA chairs

The most awesome-ist Craigslist find, YET    +    Currently empty Master bedroom, with Katie's junk crowding the walls

Our itsy-bitsy bathroom with washer and dryer    +    View from front door, with Scott putting together IKEA furniture