30 April 2008

Wedding Planning = Hectic

I've been told by friends that I'm a slacker when it comes to blogging. In an effort to make up for my laziness, I thought I would updated all readers on my wedding plans. The benefit of informing you is that I'm also informing Scott at the same time. j/k Scott is actually pretty involved in planning. He loves to give his opinion on which whisk would provide the greatest power in the kitchen, as we are registering; he arranged for all of the tuxes from Men's Warehouse; and he even helped pick out our color scheme - Raspberry Sunset.

Our first step in planning this special day was to decide when and where Scott and I were to be married. We prayed about it, and both felt good about May 31,2008 in the Sacramento Temple of The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. When we called the temple all of the sealing rooms were available that day, including the largest room (capacity 50 people)! We think we must have picked the right day! Our sealing is set for 11:00am.

Next step, drive to Sacramento to meet with the caterer, decorator/florist extraordinaire, bakery, and dj. We wore ourselves out with one jam-packed day of appointments... eating cake, choosing flowers, deciding what food to serve and the number of guests, and checking out the John Chandler estate, where the reception will be held.

When we returned to Provo, Scott and I arranged for my old roommate, Jaclyn, and my great friend from BYU - Idaho, Shandee, take engagement photos for us. Scott picked out four outfits for the occasion! The pictures turned out beautifully, despite the unending wintery Provo weather. Jaclyn then volunteered to design our announcement (which we readily accepted, as she is an awesome graphic artist).

With dresses purchased, tuxes arranged, invitations in the mail, cake ordered, and fantastic people working with us from Sacramento; the next item on our list is to organize the luncheon. Any suggestions?

Only I would be so lucky to escape from the hectic planning world for a few hours to attend my classy and only slightly scandalous bridal shower this last weekend, thrown by my best friend Maura Lansford, and future sister-in-law, Christie Thornock. I was joined by college roommies, Relief Society friends, my adopted family members, and future sisters. I felt very loved and pampered!

And now... I should probably get back to my planning check list. Don't want to miss anything important! But I will write again, with more insights on how the wedding planning world turns.