10 November 2016

Life Snapshot: November 10

At the base of Holy Hill October 2016
Wisconsin Tidbits: When we first moved to Milwaukee, I was told that Holy Hill is a must see in the fall, because there are incredible views of the foliage. We decided to drive up there one Saturday when we were both free before all the leaves had fallen. Our visit was probably a week or two too early because the leaves were prime when we came back from NYC at the end of October. Plus, the day we went in mid-October was overcast and foggy, so you really couldn't see across the countryside much. Still worth the visit, though! Be prepared to hike a little uphill from the parking lot to the basilica and back.

What I'm Reading: Still slowly making my way through Gilead by Marilynne Robinson while I should be getting started on my November book club read Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng 

Part of My Spiritual Study: There Are Many Gifts by Marvin J. Ashton

Church Calling: Young Women's President for our ward (just sustained a couple weeks ago!)

On the Telly: Poldark and The Durrells in Corfu

Dr. Hubs: He's back at Children's Hospital this month in the Emergency Department. He seemed excited about the rotation until he came back from his first full day in the ED. It's not the children, he says. The countdown begins, I guess!

Goal for Next Week: Even before the election results were announced I saw the need to listen more than I speak and not assume that everyone shares my perspective on life. So I'll continue my goal to listen first and respect new perspectives.

My favorite moment from this last week: Not exactly last week, We traveled to New York City with friends for a long weekend over Scott's birthday and had a blast. I am making a video, but haven't been able to record the commentary yet. Excuses, excuses!

On My Mind: Do all Hallmark Christmas movies have to include: a heroine who should forgo her ambitious career to pursue love, someone who has never once had a real Christmas tree, and intrusive small town neighbors? Shame on you for perpetuating stereotypes, Hallmark!

Also, while we're talking about it, there are SO many things wrong with Christmas Under Wraps. I realize that these are low budget productions, but I'm sure it doesn't cost much to do a little research! To be clear, I'm talking about:

  • Alaska in the winter morning should not look like it's noon (more like midnight)
  • Fellowships are typically matched into 
  • No general surgeon would be so daft as to only apply to one fellowship if they were truly driven enough to pursue that specialty in the first place
  • Fellowships in Family Medicine don't exist, especially ones where you're running a rural hospital with no attending
  • No local in their right mind would go have a "picnic" in the frozen tundra to watch the northern lights (which look totally fake, by the way) with no hat, gloves, lightweight clothing, and only a thin blanket for extra warmth

 I'm disappointed, but this in no way will stop me from watching all Hallmark Christmas movies that are playing when I happen to be watching TV.