28 October 2013

Reading Labels

I've become a label reader.

I remember taking a marketing survey, once, that asked me if I read labels when grocery shopping. At the time, I thought the inference was for counting calories. That's the last thing I need to do. I need to gain weight. Throw those labels to the wind and bring on the calories

Since my last post about Crohns, I have encountered more new food intolerances. I would say that my first noticeable food intolerance EVER was MSG. Can't handle it! Major bloatation and eruption. Then came the sugar intolerance this winter... and dairy, and tomatoes, and eggs, then wheat (though I am officially not celiac)! Just last week I discovered that soy was last thing I had failed to remove that was causing me problems (it was hidden in my multi-vitamins).

My naturopath recommended that I complete a full stool analysis (TMI, I know). The results came back with no parasites, no yeast, and good absorption. All great news! But I have no natural growth of lactobacillus probiotics in my gut, and instead have a large growth of harmful bacteria. Normally they would recommend taking an atiobiotic to clear out these bad bacteria colonies, but since I was on a series of antibiotics shortly before my stool test was conducted it likely wouldn't help. So my naturopath recommended an elimination diet and supplements.

Pretty sure my body was naturally putting me on my own elimination diet! For good measure though, I started a GAPS Intro diet, to which I've added elemental shakes. This elimination process has been going on since May, but I've really seen the best progress in the last week. Needless to say, I am now a label reader for life. Checking for sugars, soy, and MSG. If all goes as planned, I should be able to overcome all of my food intolerances by healing my leaky gut.

This journey has not, NOT, been easy. I have avoided social situations because they revolve around food I can't eat. My hubby and I both have a hard time explaining to family why I can't eat certain things and what I can have, because it's just easier for me to make my own meals and know exactly what went into each dish. It's hard to plan for vacations or even weekend trips to visit Scott on rotation because I have to worry about potentially eating something that will make me ill for days. But I love how I feel my body recovering, illegal foods aren't as tempting any more, and I'm getting used to being that hippie foodie. In the end, it's about healing. If that is even possible to do with food, and I'm seeing that it is, than I'll embrace the hippie... and the label reading.