11 April 2011

Niece Brag

The other day I was dancing, Ricks Hall style, around our empty house to this song (they don't sound nearly as great live, at least on YouTube), when my sister-in-law Annie gave me a call to let me know that she had sent pictures of the girls in an email. I sure love my nieces in Burbank! And Annie is one of the best amateur photographers I know. Just wanted to brag at how adorable these girlies are!

St. Pattrick's Day is a big deal in that Cavanaugh house thanks to my brother, Matt!

Recently, long-haired Mackenzie (far left in St Patty's photo) said to her mom over breakfast, "Mom I want to cut my hair right here like Rapunzel."  (From Tangled) The girl knows what she wants!

I had just seen that cute movie the day before, luckily! Anyway, all the girls went to Annie's hair dresser and... VOILA!

I think it fits Mackenzie SO well! That hairstyle is so her right now! Spunky, fun, witty Princess Mackenzie!