25 February 2010

What would I Look Like as an Avatar?

On a Friday night date this month, Scott and I used his one-time movie passes from work to see Avatar in 3D. Wow, trippy! Have you seen it yet? 3D has come a long way since the last time I wore red and blue paper glasses. I think it really brings a new element to movie viewing, as the technology pulls you into the story more than a flat screen. I'm not surprised, then, that Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp will soon be offered as a 3D experience.

Well, since watching the movie, Scott keeps asking questions like, "What would I look like as an avatar?" or "What do you think Hugh Jackman would look like as an avatar?" Someone on YouTube has already figured out how to make this a reality!

Technology is so incredible today!

20 February 2010

In-N-Out Scripture

Did you know that In-N-Out prints a scripture on all their packaging? My coworker Katie informed me of this the other day, because her grandparents were in town and they collect items that can be used as scripture or spiritual object lessons. Katie's grandparents are in love with In-N-Out scripture references at the moment, and while taking an RV trip were stopping at the fast food chain every chance they got.

Scott and I visit In-N-Out on a regular basis now that it's in Orem, thanks to Martie and Curtis Chandler's lovely gift card present to us for Christmas. Once I heard there were scriptures on the bottoms of cups, we of course had to investigate ;)

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Now, we could probably debate which franchise had the best tasting/looking burgers and fries, but I'm thinking that in and beyond the taste test, you will find that In-N-Out wins the race to goodness with their willingness to share the gospel in each bite. Read this article for more info on the scriptures on various packaging and how the preaching all began at In-N-Out.

P.S. Yes we were sitting at the handicap table. It's still a packed house at lunch time!

18 February 2010

A Beautiful Cottage

Isn't that the most darling house?! This adorable cottage in the valley of Springville is my second favorite home in the city. Maybe first... it's a tie!

I noticed this house when we first moved in, with it's beautiful porch and red shutters. It's just so quaint. Then Scott started home teaching the man who lives there. When I realized it was just a single dad of sorts (he has foster children) I couldn't believe how well kept the place was. And the decorations for Christmas! Ugh, so cute!

I'd like to say that this is the look of my future home, except in some country side with my avacado tree playing in the front yard. My provencial life dreams are currently exaggerated as I just finished A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle, lent to me by the beautiful Jandee Jones. Fun book, though not much of a plot. Mostly just makes you hungry for a hearty five course meal, in your backyard vineyard. I had to follow up reading the book by making a French meal for Scott. I think I did pretty good, if I do say so myself.

17 February 2010

Wednesday's Confession

Before I tell my embarrassing story of the week, I have to say that I did receive some beautiful flowers from my schnookims!

If I'm recalling right from my memory of SHS 1998 Graduation, these are Fire and Ice roses, to symbolize our icy-hot love! They sat prominently next to Scott's valentine from the BYU Football team. Happy Valentine's Day Scott!

And now, we return to our regular program... Now that Wednesday is over on the East Coast, I can tell you that I was am sufficiently embarrassed today. You may laugh, but I would like to think, ladies that you have done this yourself a time or two. Today I went to work, fully business casual, minus my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Tell me that is awful! *wince* It felt worse than leaving the house without my wedding ring. Of course, to be honest, I don't have much to hide, but still I was very self-conscious all day!

In my defense, I took a sick day yesterday off work and am still not completely myself. Just picked an outfit and rushed myself out the door. And I had to tell someone besides Scott, but the post wont stay up long. Don't want to prolong the memory.

12 February 2010

Flowers? For Me?

Okay, so no one actually got me flowers. I made them!

How could I resist when Shade Clothing posted this super cute tutorial on their blog?

Sorry for the bad lighting, took these pictures last night.

Tips for this project - 1. Have a buddy with you to make an assembly line. It definitely gets a little long when you're cutting and gluing. 2. Use glue dots. Glue works too, but it takes a very long time to wait for it to dry in each spot. I know! 3. Find double sided scrapbook paper. The insides of the flowers definitely show and it would be much cuter with a pattern then plain ol' white.

The blog also has some other cute Valentine-y ideas. But my next project will be a Valentine's sNACK for my neighbors. Want a preview? I bet you wish you lived in my vicinity, because those look extra tasty. Boxed up in a Zebra Valentine treat box from Mama Cavanaugh, is what I call perfection.

09 February 2010

Minty Fresh

I can't help but tell you about Mint.com. Honestly, I tried restraining myself for a little while (like fifty seconds), but then I had to start a blog post about this exciting new service. No, I'm not getting paid or even prompted to say this. Well I guess I was prompted, in a way...

Prompt: Scott and I have been using Quicken Online for about a year now. In fact, it was just after we had organized our 2008 tax return on TurboTax online that Intuit (parent company) showed us an advertisement for the free financing/budgeting tool online. It's completely protected and keeps your information safe. That January our apartment was broken into, and the budget we had been keeping on my beautiful mac *tear* on an excel spreadsheet was gone. After a few months of trying to recreate with dismal effects, Quicken Online proved to be a perfect solution to our budget-less life. We have really enjoyed the tracking functions and ability to access anywhere via internet and even recommended this tool to friends.

Well in late 2009, Intuit announced the purchase of Mint.com. They have since planned to take the best parts of Quicken Online and merge with the freshness of Mint and then transfer long-time member history for a smooth transition.

Since I will shortly need to move myself and financial tools to Mint.com, I took a tour and was impressed with their list of features: the great tools of Quicken online plus debt reduction ideas, the ability to break up a Costco bill (or any other for that matter) by food/clothing/or office supplies for those of us who need to be that specific, suggestions for savings, and even an iPhone app. All for the great price of FREE!

We haven't been kicked out of Quicken yet and welcomed into Mint, but I am excited and mentally ready. If you are still living in the dark ages of pen and ledger or have no idea how much money you are spending on fast food or why your credit is bad, you need to move yourself over the Mint.com and take advantage.

05 February 2010

Did I Mention That Katie Chandler is Famous?

I continue to have crazy famous connections with my relatively new name. On Wednesday Scott texted me and said, "Are you in the Daily Universe?" That's the BYU school newspaper. "Uh, not that I know of," I replied. I didn't remember being extra quotable or having my picture taken. Well cousins Erik and Kyle kept saying that I was featured in the paper and even said, "Wow, we didn't know Katie accomplished so much."

Weird! I looked through the whole newspaper, looking for any articles that I might have an opinion on or be related to, and any pictures that would have any bit of likeness. Nothing. Finally, Scott gives me a call, laughing. "I found you in the paper. Let's just say you need to check page six."

Page six was a full sized add for PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) one of the Big Four accounting firms that recruits at BYU. It was a picture of two young women, one in her early twenties and a teenager, both staring off into the distance. The ad was topped with a title "Constant Kate". The caption read something like, Katie Chandler is finding balance as the legal guardian to her teenage sister, as she is successful in a promising career.

Er... no sisters here. But PWC didn't make this story up, even though my first impression was exactly THAT. They must have seen my name in an email communication from BYU Career Services to their recruiters and thought, "Hmm... that's a name with great feeling and pathos. Let's write an ad about her." There is actually a Constant Kate, CPA (see video)... or at least there was another Katie Chandler. Pretty sure after I did some research that she is now married and a Jones.

Not that Jones is any less of a name, but you'll notice that PWC hasn't updated their ad. Chandler must inspire more connection and sympathy, homey quality. Good name, what can I say?

03 February 2010

Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza

I am about Pizza'd out, if that is even possible. After our DiGiorno party, I have had pizza that was left over from employer information sessions on campus, pizza for helping out at the career fair, and pizza for activities outside of BYU. And would you believe that there is just more and more pizza to come?!

As Scott's cousin Kyle would say, this next piece of information is on a need-to-know basis. DiGiorno accidentally sent us two party packs. Scott and I are thinking that that must have happened because our first one didn't arrive until two hours before the party. When it hadn't come early, we wrote to them and asked if there was any way we could track the package. Thus triggering the new package to be sent. I wrote to DiGiorno asking them what they wanted us to do with extra package, and they said we didn't need to send it back, but, "We just ask that you use the contents responsibly." Uhh... how could I use them irresponsibly?

Well in a responsible manner we went back to the store to buy some pizzas for potential Super Bowl parties, and in a responsible manner I offer to send anyone a DiGiorno coupon making your next meal super cheap and tasty (while supplies last, of course). If you're interested send me an email with your snail mail address. If you're lucky I may even throw in a DiGiorno oven mit or pizza cutter!

If you don't get a chance to grab one of my remaining coupons, you could always apply to the DiGiorno Champions House Party in March. That's correct! DiGiorno loves sports and hungry fans and is hosting a March Madness party as well. Just follow the link above to HouseParty.com to get your application started.

But beware, as I found out the hard way, House Party wont let you host two parties in a row. I'll miss you, Bacon Brunch Party! Maybe Oscar Meyer wants to throw a March Madness bacon party too?

01 February 2010

Let the Crafts Begin!

In preparation for my best friend, Maura's, baby shower this last weekend, I tossed myself into the world of craft and creativity that I've been desiring.

It all began by winding up the BYU Career Fair week with a slow Friday. So I thought to myself, "I should really be practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills because BYU taught Illustrator to me for work reasons, and I need to keep that skill active if ever called upon again to use it." (Do you like my justification?) So even though, I had recently created a new stick figure family for my friend Mary Susan, I decided I needed some more practice.

Marta Writes, a blog I follow by a very creative woman in Idaho, posted a notice the other day about some things she was selling in her Big Cartel Shop. One thing she announced was she had some blank gift tags available, and showed us how cute they could be with a little birdie stamp. I fell in love with the partridge stamp immediately (it IS a partridge, right?). I know some one/company sells them, because I was able to find one more picture of the stamp on the internet, but no trace of how to purchase the cute stamp. So that is what I traced today on Illustrator and added some new color. Isn't she adorable?!

Patridge 2

With that finished I was ready to prepare for Maura's baby shower, which was a blast by the way! Her super fashionable sister, Nicole, planned the shower with one of my favorite people in the world, Mama Bukey! They were nice enough to let me help out, and gave me the assignment of making a Diaper Cake. Wanting the best in the world for my best friend and her baby en-utero, I scoured etsy.com for the best looking diaper cake model I could find. (If you don't know what I diaper cake is you should check etsy out, or I'm about to show you ... I'm surprised how many people don't know what a diaper cake is!)

Well this is what I came up with, and I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

The baby fun doesn't stop there! I am itching to try out a onesie idea I saw online. I'll show you when/if I ever get the courage to do it.

But my next project needs to be a Valentine's SOMETHING using all the leftover mardi gras type beads from our DiGiorno Hour Party. Send me your ideas, please? As you can tell I'm not so much unique, but I am a great copier when it comes to crafts.