31 May 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Scott and I have been married for one year now. We celebrated our anniversary by watching Up! (fantastic movie, teared up three times it was so good) with Scott's sister, brother-in-law, and niece. We also went to Two Jacks Pizza here in Springville to enjoy a romantic pizza dinner.

Scott got me a digital picture frame for our anniversary and he put all of our engagement and wedding pictures on it. It's supposed to play our song too, but he hasn't quite figured that out yet. I got Scott a weekend getaway to The Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast in Rigby, Idaho. My parents used to stay there when I went to BYU-I, and it is probably the best gourmet breakfast I have ever eaten. I'm excited to celebrate our anniversary again in a couple weeks when we go. It's been a great first year!

(Katie in front of the Blue Heron B&B on Sunday after eating eggs benedict.

For the complete menu eaten on our honeymoon celebration, ask Katie.)

27 May 2009

Coupons for Beauty

Scott and I just returned from a beautiful vacation. We visited Virginia to see Steve graduate from Dental School at VCU, we met up with my parents and brother's family in Orlando for a splash in the rain, and we ended the trip with a mariachi wedding in Sacramento over Memorial Day Weekend! It was definitely a whirlwind tour, and we're still recovering from time zone changes.

While I was in Sacramento, Amy was teasing me about how I hadn't shaved my legs for the beginning of summer. I know, gross right? Well she forgot that I was using her guest bathroom, in which shower it could be potentially dangerous to prop up body appendages. In any case, when I returned home I found the perfect solution on my door step.

It was a package from BzzAgent, the word-of-mouth marketing company that I do reviews for. (I can send you an invite to join if you're interested in reviewing products for free.) The campaign I'm currently involved in is for Bic Soleil Bella Razor. So take that "sasquatch legs"! I'm going to have smooth and silky legs in no time!

If you're interested in getting mega discounts on either of the products below, drop a comment and I'll be sure to give you coupons:

09 May 2009

To My Mother

My mother is my hero. If you don't know Mama Cavanaugh, Mama Nancy, or Nurse Nancy as she is lovingly referred to, you must meet her! Mom has always been a great example to me of service, learning, and love.

Nancy is always involved in some type of service, in fact I think she has a problem saying no. She has held so many callings at church, including some of the most difficult. She volunteers every weekend at the White Elephant, a thrift store in Sitka, Alaska that donates proceeds in the form of community grants. My mom has helped with school projects, theater productions, and summer camps in which we've been involved. She often gives her time for less than it's worth to help someone or the community. She also serves as Deputy Mayor on the City Assembly in local government. One story that I can recall of my mother's service oriented nature takes place years ago on a typical stormy day in Sitka when we were driving home from the grocery store. A man and his son were walking home in the rain and may or may not have been hitch hiking. Whatever the case, my mother pulled over and offered to take them home, even though it was much further than we were going and we had other things to attend to at home. My mother is a saint!

Mom has always been a wealth of knowledge. She has more books than her bookshelves and home can hold, and she is always reading something new. How she fits in reading to her hectic schedule, I don't know! I can ask my mom any health question and she will know the answer and can explain it to me without grossing me out and in a way I can understand. In fact, my mom has the answer to most all of my questions. When I was in high school, my mother decided to use this knowledge to teach. So she went back to school for her Masters in Education. Now she is upgrading yet another degree in Nursing. She is always attending conferences to enhance her career. She is knowledgeable of politics and world events. She is a scholar.

But most importantly, my mother is a great example of love. When I was at home and sick during the nights, my mother knew, and she would sit with me and talk to distract me. She is so kind to everyone and cares about their feelings and well being. She was a fantastic mother and is arguably an even more amazing grandmother to my nieces. I have no doubt that when my future children have the flu, Nana will come running to feel their glands and read them a story (and sneak them some fruit snacks or Pez dispensers for later!). My mother is a great friend and is loyal to those she loves. She set a great example for me as a wife and a mother and as a person.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!