03 January 2008

A WICKED Awesome Christmas Vacation

This is the second consecutive year that the Cavanaugh family has gathered in Monterey, California to celebrate Christmas. Since Matt and family are in the Air Force at the base in Monterey and cannot travel far, parents and siblings come to him. It was an extra significant holiday season, as my niece Mackenzie celebrated her first birthday and brother Sam celebrated his 22nd.

I arrived a little later into Monterey than I had expected. My flight from Salt Lake City departed on December 23. After an hour of flying, the Delta connections plane made an attempt to land in foggy Monterey. After one downward attempt, the plane made a drastic jolt towards the skies and the pilot announced that we would be landing in Oakland. Granted, the coast had some thicker fog than I've seen before in California; but I have a feeling that if the pilot had had experience with Alaska Airlines and southeast Alaska trips, he would have made at least one more attempt to land in Monterey and it may have been successful. Either way, I arrived in Monterey via bus at 4:00am PST on Christmas Eve.

Christmas was a very relaxing time, which is exactly what I needed. Work has been pretty crazy lately and flu bugs are being spread like wildfire. I was excited to sleep in, lounge on Matt's couch, and play Guitar Hero with my brothers. Not to mention, how much great food there was (Thanks, Annie!).

The day after Christmas, my family had lunch with Scott (boyfriend, oooh!) and his parents at Chevys in San Leandro. It was fun to have my parents and Matt’s family meet Scott's parents, and though the conversation was at times embarrassing I would say that lunch went well. :) After lunch, I went back to Sacramento with the Chandlers so that Scott and I could drive down to see WICKED in LA.

Whatever you hear about Wicked, know this: The music and lyrics are addicting, the characters are captivating, and you will never watch The Wizard of Oz in the same light again! It was amazing, and I loved it!

To close off my fantastic Christmas break, I came home to a slow and quiet office where nothing catastrophic had happened while I was gone. A stress free and event filled holiday!

Happy New Year to all my friends! Good luck with your New Year's resolutions!